Home Staging in empty homes

"Make your property transmit feeling of home"

An empty floor looks smaller

Who has not ever visited an empty apartment and thought about how small it was? That it did not fit a double bed, a cupboard or sofa. This service is designed precisely for these cases.

Many persons have trouble viewing spaces and floors discarded simply because they can not imagine living there, either by size or because housing itself we will transmit anything.

With furniture we create a feeling of home

With this service we fill spaces, enhancing the virtues of the property and getting convey feeling of home. Atrezzo furniture and real, fabrics and decorative objects current, we enhance the strengths of housing and we see that people who wish to visit photos.


Do you want to see more photos of this flat furnished with cardboard furniture?

Furniture and decorative objects are left in the house by the time previously agreed with the customer, so that visitors see the same as in the photos of the real estate portal.

In case the owner wants to rent the apartment with furniture, We can also take care of the purchase of real furniture and its subsequent decoration..

If you have:

  • a show flat
  • empty apartment or holiday home to rent
  • empty apartment to sell

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