What is Home Staging?

Why hire it?

Home Home Staging Service is a real estate marketing technique, a sales tool to get them properties look most attractive, like the largest number of buyers and sell earlier for a better price.

What is the Home Staging’s goal?

It tries to reach, through professional staging and photography, the maximum visits, best offers and a faster sale. Take advantage of our product to relook, your house for renting, or selling.

Our current real estate market is not yet aware of the benefits to service the home staging before selling or renting. In general, the owners do not want to invest in something that they are going to discard, but you should see how an investment that will be recovered at the time of sale or rent.

Delaguard Home Staging alquiler vacacional Sant Feliu de GuixolsDelaguard Home Staging alquiler vacacional Sant Feliu de Guixols

How works a Home Staging Service?

After visiting the for the properties we decide what works are necessary and a personalized budget is made to the needs of the house and the owner.

Actually, We are also offering the service of Online Consulting, where the owner shows us the house virtually and we advise him on the work to be done.

Basic jobs often are:

  • Clearance or decluttering work, (remove unnecessary objects, misplaced or stacked)
  • Deep cleaning (nobody feels comfortable when visiting a dirty house)
  • Update or relooking work (repair those details that make the property look left or old)
  • Home Staging Decoration (staging of different rooms, to make it as neutral as possible and pleasing to most people)
  • Real Estate Photography (make professional and attractive pictures so customers want to know the property)

That attract, interest in your home and get more visits.

The decoration is left in the property for potencial customers to see the property as the pictures.

Who does hire a Home Staging Service?

  • Individuals and inverters, wishing to make more profits on the sale or rental of their property.
  • Real estate and agents, which want to incentive an exclusive sale and make the property outstanding.
  • Vacation Rentals, people who want to generate more visits to your website, more reservations, more customers and better reviews.
  • Private companies, which desire to redecorate their office with a short budget.
  • Developers and builders, who want to show the possibilities of the apartments they sell and generate excitement for buyers.

Some figures on Home Staging



Delaguard Home Staging adds value to the home

Many realtors are already offering the service Home Staging to your customers, in order to get an exclusive sale and being more performant. This gives them more room to negotiate the price of the property, this won't happen when the owner gives his property to more than one Real Estate Company .

From the point of view of the buyer, the Home Staging is also interesting, seeing pictures through a website he can project himself in his future home, decorating with no personal objects, and in a nice and welcoming ambience, that distract you from seeing the real potential of the property.

Many times good floors are allowed to pass simply because the decoration was not liked, or by the feeling of a place where the potencial buyer can not project himself.

How much does cost a Home Staging Service?

Our work also adapts to the budget of each client, as it can be hired in different degree of execution, from a Personal Advice even a service of Home Staging Integral, which includes relooking, decor, furniture purchase, montage and real estate photography.

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