Draft 305

Castelldefels – Barcelona

“Home Staging in inhabited housing for rent”

This Home Staging project to rent was carried out in a residential area of ​​Castelldefels, it was a semi-detached house of three heights quite updated.

An empty house does not stand out

The owners moved and decided to put their house for rent. They consulted us about our services and asked us for advice on whether they should show it with furniture or without furniture.. Obviously our response was with furniture, since an empty house does not show all the potential it has and does not generate emotion in the client.

Depersonalizing and clearing is the key

The first step, our job was to clear unnecessary accessories and furniture to enlarge the spaces, depersonalize objects and family memories.

Taking advantage of existing furniture and kitchenware, we create neutral and emotional scenes, so that the people who saw the photographs could visualize themselves in the different spaces.

We also took and placed some more current decorative elements that gave a “up” to the decoration of the house.

The photograph must show the distribution

How the family still lived in the home, the work was done in several days, concentrating on plants to bother as little as possible. There was also a professional photographic report that perfectly showed the distribution of the house. This helps clients to better understand the spaces and when they visit the house they know exactly what they are going to find..

Here are some photos of this project, which was quite economical because a lot of existing furniture was used in the house and we only took some key pieces and decorative objects to depersonalize the house as much as possible.


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