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Castelldefels – Barcelona

When the image is everything

The owner of this Beauty Center hired us a Personal Advice. She wanted to give her establishment a new look and asked us to advise her on the most suitable colors for the walls and how to give it a fresher touch in general.

Although the decoration of the center was quite updated, the dark color of the walls took away a lot of light, since it hardly received natural light. The floral details it had also looked dated, and the main entrance from the street was hardly striking.

After visiting the center, we write a report with photos in which we detailed, space by space, everyone the steps to follow in your upgrade; the color palette I should paint with, the list of small repairs to do and the list of decorative items to buy and change. Because he didn't have time, he commissioned us that part of the work too.

Besides that, We also made recommendations for him to do his most visible business in social networks and I could gain more clients through that medium.

After following our recommendations, the place looked much more current and with new photographs he was able to update the image of his website and use them for social networks.


Do you have a business and want to change your style with little budget? Do you have so much work that you don't have time to buy the things you need to do it?? Do not worry, we can offer you the Personal Advisory Service to do the update yourself or hire us to do the things you can't do for time.

Ha sido un placer conocer a Elisabeth, thanks to her and her professionalism, he knew how to take advantage of my center, and at Christmas, she took care of the Christmas decorations and it was a success. A 10 as a professional and a 11 como persona.

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