Home Staging to live it

"Staging to enjoy yourself"

This service is aimed at people who do not have time to carry out a decoration update (“makeover”) from home or need help with receiving a moving.

Update spaces

At "makeover"The purpose of the owner is not selling or renting your home, just want to give you a "update,, a twist, update decorative objects or a clearance utensils. Since it is not a job and not include interior renovations, It is a fairly economical service that can be adapted to all budgets.

This service can be hired as face-to-face or online advice and also as a full service, in which we take care of all the work for the client.

Removals and Relocations

Service "stage to live" is also suitable for people who receive their move and they need help in settling in their new home decoration and furniture from the previous housing.

All who have lived a transfer, especially international, we know how hard the experience can be, because many times companies "relocation” simply give a shuttle service and in many cases impersonally.

The work of unpacking and relocating our belongings exhausting and traumatic, have the support of a home stager profesional provides a physical and emotional support in the important task of organize a home.

The first step, the home stager can be hired only for advise the client and accompany him or to relocate, placement and optimization of spaces with customer's furniture.

We accompany you throughout the process of accommodating your move. We speak English, Portuguese and spanish.


Do you want to give a new air to your house? Do you need ideas on how to optimize your space? This service is right for you, since we can adapt to your budget in any of its variables.

Are you moving? Are you dreading the day that all your things arrive and not know where to start organizing them? We have extensive experience in this type of service.

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