Home Staging in homes with furniture

"How to sell faster and better while living in the property”

This service is for individuals and families:

  • They sell their home but still inhabit it.
  • They have a furnished apartment where you do not live and they want to rent or sell with higher profitability.
  • They have a floor inheritance they would like to sell quickly and at the best possible price.

Furnished or inhabited apartments

Our home is our home, the place that we have done our over the years. We have adapted and decorated to our taste and needs, It works very well for us. But when we are going to sell our property, we must leave aside sentimentality, we must be practical and think about optimizing the profitability of the sale.

Inheritance floors

The same happens when it comes to selling an inheritance flat. How many clients let good floors through because they are poorly presented, with very dated furniture, with family memories all over the walls or with photographs of yesteryear. The first step, we not only accompany the family in the adaptation of the apartment, but we can also take care of doing the most painful part how to get the objects and memories, before preparing the home for Home Staging.

Sell ​​or rent a property, It is a unique opportunity to make money. Much more than that banks provide us with current interest rates. further, we only have one chance to make a good first impression, to capture the attention of our target audience.


Do you want to know more about this project in a furnished and inhabited apartment?

If you are thinking of selling or renting your property and you still live in it or you have furnished, do not worry, Home Staging service for homes furnished, Also works.

After the first visit, we decided to what furniture and objects can be removed and prepare for the next move, parts divert the attention of our customers strengths of our house. We advise you on minor modifications or repairs to be made, as well as with the most suitable colors and fabrics. We will ensure that your house shows its best face and that its image captures many clients.

Delaguard Home Staging para vender CastelldefelsDelaguard Home Staging para vender Castelldefels

Do you want to know this Home Staging project in furnished housing in Castelldefels?

As it is a personalized service, it can be adjusted to all pockets, because on many occasions existing furniture is used. It's more about rearranging spaces, remove objects and update the image of the house with current decoration details. Through attractive professional photographs we show the strengths of the house and it will stand out in the real estate portals.

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