Equip to rent

"We prepare the house for your guests"

The service Equip to rent, It is aimed at people who have a rental home. They may be renting the temporarily furnished home or they may have a vacation rental or vacation apartment.

We buy and place everything for you

In this service we take care of buying and placing all the material that the house needs to be rented: household, linens, swimwear, amenities, etc. Everything the house needs to enter to live.

Depending on the size and accommodation capacity, we make the necessary shopping list, we consult with the client and make all the purchases, reception of the utensils and placement of the same in the corresponding places, optimizing the spaces and presenting them in the best possible way.

No worries for the customer

The customer does not have to worry about anything, we do the work for him. The budget is adapted to the type of client and home, depending on the target audience you want to receive.

Do you have an apartment to rent? A vacation or tourist rental? Do not have time to prepare it for your tenants or guests? We take care.

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