Personalized Advice

"The first step in Home Staging"

It is the most basic service option, but also a way of knowing what the Home Staging Service we can offer, before proceeding with a more complete performance. It is done with customers a budget and / or who prefer to work themselves adequacy.

Home visit

In this service, we make a home visit and in one advice from of hours, We give the owner all the guidelines so that he himself can carry out his Home Staging Service.

Although we like our house and how we have it decorated and distributed, the daily and routine, It causes us to lose perspective of what is really attractive or improved in our home, what are its strengths and what should we improve.

Highlight your home

With a simple visit, We guide you and give guidelines so that you yourself can highlight your home compared to others with similar characteristics.

For clients who prefer it in writing, we also offer to make a detailed report with photos, where we indicate step by step and piece by piece everything they must do to improve the presentation of your home.

Professional photographic reportage

This service can be complemented with a professional photographic report of the property once the necessary updates have been made., since the first images shown, present the house to the market and will make customers want to visit it.

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