Photo Report

"There is never a second chance to make a good first impression”

Photography as an element of seduction

In the current housing market, cualquier comprador o inquilino revisa decenas de inmuebles en internet hasta elegir unos pocos que visitar. The photograph is the main element of seduction of your potential customers in this “first impression". Ni el mejor vendedor podrá vender a un cliente si este no le contacta. A good photograph is the main element for more visits your property and multiply the chances of success Seller.

The photographs that agents perform with mobiles are a quick and inexpensive option of putting your home on the market, but can not be sufficient when aiming maximize transaction price or performed by a short time.

Delaguard_Home_Staging_Gava_decorar_para_alquilar_apartamento vacacional

Do you want to see all the professional photography report that was made for this vacation rental in Gavà Mar?

Show the best presentation of your house

When you are selling a product always looking for the best possible presentation. In the housing market so does.

Currently the information is on the network, pre-selected customers who want to visit homes, descartando el resto segundos, por ello la fotografía inmobiliaria profesional es tan importante.

Many apartments do not get visits because the published photos no muestran todo su potencial, or because they cannot get the client to understand the distribution of the home.


With the work of a home stager and a good photograph, until the “granny flat " get the attention of customers.

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